In 2018 we lost our starman

Major Tom Award.jpg

Our dear friend Randy Sarbacher left us unexpectedly in early 2018 and left a huge hole in our hearts. Randy was a huge part of our community. He loved with his whole heart and was an inspiration to many. We miss him every day and in 2018 the Celebrate Love committee decided to create an award in his name.

The Major Tom Community Spirit Award is given to a person who exemplifies what Randy stood for. A person who gives of themselves selflessly and who’s heart is in helping our community. An unsung hero who gives without an expectation of accolades. Someone who is the spirit of Randy, a giver, a true friend…
Do you know someone like this? If so, please fill out the below form to submit your “Randy” for consideration for this year’s Major Tom Community Spirit Award.

Last year’s recipient was Rollie Hallen. Rollie is an amazing human who gives tirelessly to the music community and the community at large. If you have been to music events in the Valley it is more than likely you have seen him running around doing sound checks, changing levels or moving equipment. Rollie has been Celebrate Love’s hero on more than one occasion and we could not have thought of anyone better for our first award. Randy would have approved.

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2019

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